What is FAEBL?
FAEBL (Free All Eternally Beloved Lore) is a creative studio reimagining your favorite childhood characters from nostalgic books, cartoons, and movies that are in the public domain.

Think about it, characters like the Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Robin Hood etc. were once bound to their original tales—tales that are now outdated. But here's the kicker, the public domain is like a magical key, unlocking these characters and letting them loose in the wild landscape of our modern perception. Suddenly, our old friends aren't stuck in their storybook prisons anymore. They can grow, change, and thrive in the hearts and minds of the public imagination.

We invite you and our community of fans to not just join, but to actively co-create with us on this exciting journey. Together, we'll shape the future of these beloved characters, starting with our 18+ animated series.
What’s the plan?
Our ultimate goal is to develop and release the first season of the 18+ FAEBL animated show, starting with the prologue episode.

With the script for the prologue already finished and ready to be animated, the plan is to release and premiere the episode in the first half of 2024. It’s where our story will begin - it will set the scene, introduce you to our cast of initial characters, and give you a taste of what’s to come.

Future episodes will pick up where the prologue left off and we'll see newly fabled characters, like the Mouse and other classics, transported into the FAEBL world to embark on new adventures and explore timely and relatable modern-day topics. Each character will be given a reimagined identity and the agency to explore all the possibilities of who they can be. Get ready for mind-bending twists, star-studded cameos, and a rollercoaster of emotions like you’ve never seen before.
What’s the timeline?
Once we meet our campaign goal and Free The Mouse on January 1st, 2024 - we’ll begin an action-packed 100-day journey:

Week 1:
We dive straight into Pre-Production & Character Development

Week 7:
We'll unveil an animated teaser, giving you a sneak peek of the final look

Week 14:
Our grand Animated Prologue Episode premieres!

Throughout this period, we'll be playing with various visual styles, sprinkling in some bonus deliverables, and crafting this prologue episode hand-in-hand with you.
How will the money raised be used?
Initial Campaign Goal: $600,000 USD

50% - Animation Production (Pre Production & Prologue Episode)
40% - Campaign Rewards Fulfillment
10% - Operational Costs / Processing Fees

*Based on Estimated Sales Prediction:
$10-20% Digital Rewards to 80-90% Physical Rewards
What happens if you raise more money than the initial goal? (Stretch Goals)
Initial Campaign Goal:
$600k USD - Pre-Production / Prologue Episode (10 Min)

Stretch Goals:
$800k - Season 1 Development (Writers, Talent, and Soundtrack)
$1.6m - Episode 1 & 2 (20 Min)
$2.4m - Episode 3 & 4 (20 Min)
$3.2m - Episode 5 & 6 (20 Min)
$4m - Episode 7 & 8 (20 Min)
$4.8m - Episode 9 & 10 (20 Min)
$5.6m - Episode 11 & 12 (20 Min)
$6.4m - Episode 13 & 14 (20 Min)
$7.2m - Episode 15 & 16 (20 Min)

**Entire Season 1 Complete (160 min)**

+$7.2m - Marketing, IRL Events, Pop-Ups, etc..
Who’s the team behind FAEBL?
Core Team
The core FAEBL team is a melting pot of BIPOC talent, each of us a unique spark in a fire of creativity. Artists, designers, musicians, producers, writers, content creators, lawyers, and entrepreneurs—all together, weaving our passions into a tapestry of innovation. Drawing from our experiences at industry giants like Disney, Sony, SB Projects, Epic Games, CAA, etc, we're fusing our skills and insights to craft something truly extraordinary.

Animation Team
Atrium is a collective of independent artists and creators. Disciplines represented on Atrium currently include Screenwriting, Animation, Concept Art, Voice Actors, and Music production. Together, creatives on Atrium bring experience from Pixar, Marvel, Luma Pictures, Sony, Netflix, and many more. Simply put, Atrium pieces together veteran talent to produce cinematic content.

Main Creative Leads

Zendoubt (Ex Luma - Creative Director) - Black Panther, Godzilla vs Kong, Thor Ragnarok, Birds of Prey, etc.

HKJay (Ex Sony, Luma - Creative Director) - The Sea Beast, Lego Movies, Peter Rabbit, His Dark materials, etc.
Why not partner with an established studio?
In the midst of the entertainment industry grappling with writers and actors' strikes, a riveting chance for independent innovation emerges - and we hope to lead that charge.

Consider this: typical animated film budgets nowadays swing from micro budgets of ($2-3M) to monumental jumbo budgets of ($200M+). A huge chunk of that goes towards star-studded actors, executive overheads, and studio bigwigs. Remember "Tangled"? Its production budget was a staggering 260M!

Tragically, animation often sees brilliant artists shackled in grueling work cultures with their creativity stifled. By offering competitive budgets while granting greater creative freedom, we're inviting these talents to break free from the conventional studio grind. They can join our bold quest to rewrite the animated narrative.

Oh and the all-star team we've assembled? They're on standby, ready to dive in. This isn't just another show - we're making history together.
What happens if you do not meet the initial goal?
If we do not meet our initial target goal, here's the game plan - customer reward orders come first, always. After ensuring those are taken care of, we'll rally our community together to decide the best way forward with the funds in hand.

While our initial goal is geared towards producing top-notch animation with the crème de la crème of talent, we're no strangers to adapting. We've got backup plans, alternative pathways, and a seasoned team ready to get creative. That's the beauty of indie projects—we're nimble, resilient, and always ready to pivot. So, rest assured, we're committed to making this happen, no matter what!
When will rewards be shipped out?
Digital Rewards: (Mouse Pass, Poster, PDF of Prologue Script)
Your order will be delivered upon completion

Physical Rewards: (T-Shirt, Hat, Water Bottle)
To offer the best prices, avoid overproduction, and stay eco-friendly, we'll kickstart production only after our campaign concludes and all orders are accounted for.

We’ll be providing updates along the way, but mark your calendars! We're set to ship out all physical rewards out in January 2024.
Will the reward items be available for purchase after the campaign?
No, the reward items offered are exclusive to the Free The Mouse campaign and will not be available for purchase after Jan. 1 2024
Where can I watch the show?
As of now, our show will debut exclusively on our website / YouTube Channel - for everyone to enjoy.

Our goal is to have it as accessible as possible and to reach as many fans and viewers across the world.
Do I need a Mouse Pass or Action Kit to watch the show?
Absolutely not! The show will be available to everyone, whether you've supported our campaign or are just discovering us.

However, the true magic lies in our community. Supporters like you transform this dream into reality. By joining this historic movement, we're collaboratively crafting a show that's unprecedented—a testament to the power of independent, crowdsourced creativity. Together, let's show the industry it's time for the people's voice to shine!
Which characters will be in the show?
Besides our leading Mouse, the FAEBL lineup boasts familiar names: Winnie the Pooh with his honey antics, the bold Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and his quest for truth, and the legendary Robin Hood.

And that's just the start! We're tapping into the rich world of the public domain, so anticipate a few delightful surprises along the way.
How can I help/get involved?
There is no one more important to helping this project than you!

1. CONTRIBUTE, but only if you can! There are awesome campaign rewards you can grab at any tier.

2. SHARE and GET INVOLVED! We need you to make some noise! Spread it anywhere and everywhere and join the FAEBL community.

Stay in the loop with our creative journey! We’ll be sharing progress through sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes content, and regular updates on our socials. Don't miss out – follow us across all platforms now!